Month: August 2011

First Day of School 2011

I saw The Mysterious to the bus this morning for his first day of 3rd grade.  I told him I’d upload the pictures so he’d get to see them if he checks MyselfBetter at school. Have a great day today, buddy!   

DIY: Make a Summer Dress Last Longer

Do you wish you could make summer last a little longer?  I may not be able to guarantee that but I can guarantee that you can take your daughter’s summer fashions well into the chillier months with a few simple snips and stitches AND at […]

Proud of My Kiddos

We’re having our final yard sale of the season this weekend.  Yard sales are a way we both pare down our possessions and make a bit of extra cash every summer.  Our family tries for at least 3 every summer.  The leftovers are then sent to benefit our local elementary school and fire station at their annual yard sale.

In the past, I’ve suggested to my kids that they should try and sell some things to make a bit of extra room AND money.  I’ve always been met with whines and complaints… that is, until this year.

Both The Mysterious (age 9) AND The Adventure (age 3) were able to get reasonable boxes of JUNK (er… uhhh… I mean useful items) out of their rooms to be sold on Saturday.  Below is what they’re getting rid of.  I’m so proud of how easily this went with BOTH of them.

The Mysterious with his box.


The Adventure with her box.


Good job guys!

How does your family pare down on possessions?

Well… Poop!

Literally. NOTE: For those of you who have sensitive stomachs… don’t read any further.  You can see what today’s topic is in the title. 7:45am I am awakened to my daughter, The Adventure, saying “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy.”  This isn’t anything new.  I look at […]

Happy 60th Anniversary

A month ago my husband, Kirk, and I celebrated our 4-year anniversary.  You can read about it here. This week my grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Am I not the only one here who is going, “HOLY CRAP!”? I’m so proud of them because […]

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