How to measure yourself for a bra.

What size bra do you wear?

Are you sure really know?  When was the last time you were measured?

If it’s been over a year or you’ve gained or lost more than 5 lbs you should be remeasured for a bra.  You can head to a store that specialized in measuring.  HanesBrands, Nordstrom, and Trusseau Stores are great places to get measured.  But you can also measure yourself.  It takes a bit of practice.  But once you’re used to measuring yourself, you will have mastered an invaluable skill.

What will you need for a successful bra fit?  A soft tape measure, a bra, and a mirror.

There are 3 measurements that will help fit most body types.One under the breasts, one above, and one directly across the nipples. 

Bra Fit Recap 1


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Here are the in depth steps to follow for a successful bra fit:

1. Put on the best fitting bra you have.  This will allow your bust to be close enough to the right place while you’re measuring.

2. Snugly measure around your torso directly under your bust with your tape measure and make a note of that number.  Remember to stay relaxed while you’re measuring.  Don’t take any deep breaths.

3. If it’s an even number, add 4.  If it’s an odd number, add 5.  This will give you your band size.

Bra Fit 1

4. Measure snugly above your bust, under your armpits.  This is a double checking tool.  Most women should measure the same above as the band size they get below.

Bra Fit 2

Notice my amazing model, Kara, is measuring at 42 on both the top and bottom?  Her band size checks out!

5. Next measure loosely around your bust.  Make sure the tape measure is level across your back and nipples.  

6. Subtract your band size from the measurement you got around your bust. The difference is your bra cup size.

  • Inches difference = Cup Size
  •                       0 = AA
  •                       1 = A
  •                       2 = B
  •                       3 = C
  •                       4 = D
  •                       5 = DD
  •                       6 = DDD
  •                       7 = G
  •                       8 = H

Bra Fit 3

7. Put it all together… For my model, Kara, her bra size is a 42 DDD.

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to help you through it.  Just remember, the more you practice, the better you will measure yourself.

Also, remember that a bra measurement is a guideline.  All bras and brands fit differently just like different brands of jeans fit differently.

Once you have a bra that fits click here for 6 Simple Steps to a Clean and Long-Lasting Bra.  Thanks for visiting!
love DB
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