DIY: No Sew Smock


Kids are messy. Keep them clean with this easy no sew smock. This is an especially great use for hand-me-down shirts that may have stains already.

All you need is a t-shirt two sizes bigger than your kiddo and a pair of scissors.

To make a smock:

1. Lay the t-shirt face down on a flat surface.

2. Make a vertical cut all the way through the back of the shirt, cutting the back so there are two equal halves.

3. 7-8 inches from the collar make a 1 inch horizontal cut on each half of the back of the shirt.

4. Starting on the inside of the 1 inch cut, cut upwards so you are left with a 6-7 inch strip of fabric. Repeat on the opposite side.

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 about 7-8 inches below the first set of horizontal cuts.


6. Slip the sleeves on your child and tie the two ties in the back.

7. Get messy!

love DB


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