Month: October 2012

3 Months Old… Time Flies

Here he is.. the Finale at 3 months old.  I love this picture. We were taking photos for our Christmas letter and daddy held him up on one of the tree branches… big fun! We weighed him on our scale and he’s weighing in at […]

DIY: Banana Bread Mix

My children and I are picky when it comes to eating bananas.  We like them on the green side of ripe.  My husband is the only person at my house who will eat a truly ripe banana.  Some weeks that leaves a lot of bananas […]

Boys will be boys: How to remove a broken light bulb with a potato.

One of The Mysterious’ friends was over today.  They were having a great time until they decided it would be an AWESOME idea to have a laundry fight.  They were trying to whack each other with shirts (not unlike men snapping towels in a locker room ::rolls eyes::).

It was all fun and games until one of them hit the ceiling light fixture and broke it.  The light bulbs shattered, too, (Fun, right?) sending shards of glass all over his floor, desk, and bunk bed.

Mom (me) was summoned to the room.  I looked around at the carnage wondering how I was going to get all the glass up with the multitude of toys on the floor.

I also wondered how I was going to get all of the glass out of the bed.

Then I looked up!

They broke the fixture!  Note that it’s hanging by the wires.  This picture is after the broken bulbs were removed.

How did I remove broken bulbs without cutting or electrocuting myself?

A Potato!

If you have a light fixture that has a broken bulb, turn off the breaker (just the light switch will not be enough).  Cut the end off a potato and push the potato into the light bulb.  Twist an remove the bulb.



Photo Finish Friday: Free Toothpaste

Today’s Photo Finish Friday (PFF), and every PFF this month will be linked up with two great blogs: Simply Rebekah and Money Saving Mom.  The theme?  Frugal Photo Fridays!  I love saving money and I love my Photo Fridays. Visit Simply Rebekah to join in! […]

These are a few of my favorite [free] apps.

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling bored… I simply remember my favorite [free] apps and then I don’t feeeeel sooooo baaaaaad. Ok… Julie Andrews I am not.  But I do know a good app when I see one and these […]

“I went to be in the Mountains.”

My mother, my oldest kiddo (The Mysterious), baby Finale, and I went to visit friends who were renting a large cabin on the Appalachian trail (only about 20 minutes from where we live).

I was breastfeeding baby Finale when I noticed I hadn’t seen The Mysterious for a while.  I asked my mother where he was.  She was certain he was around somewhere.  I said, “Maybe you could find him?

When I was done feeding the baby, I went outside to see if she had tracked him down.  No one knew where he was.  People started splitting up to look for him.  There were several branches of trails leading away from the cabin. After several minutes it was clear that he had wandered away from the cabin.

I was worried.  My mother had given him her phone to hold onto.  I didn’t think there would be any reception on the mountain.  But since no one was finding him, I decided to go to the car and get my phone to try and call him.

I looked at the phone.  I had 2 bars!  I called my mother’s phone and he picked up!  I can’t tell you how happy I was.  I asked him, “Where are you?” The answer I got back didn’t help:

“I went to be in the mountains.”

“Honey,” I said, “we are in the mountains.  You didn’t have to go anywhere!  What trail did you take?”  He thought about it for a moment. “Uh, the left one?” I was exasperated.  “The left one? Did you walk past the cars or past the small cabin?”  I couldn’t make heads or tails of his answer.  “It’s zig-zaggy up here.”

I asked, “Do you know how to get back to the cabin?”  “Uhh…”  “Ok,” I told him “[Mysterious], stay where you are, don’t move.  And stay on the phone with me, ok?”

Just then, a young woman’s came on the phone.  “Hello, I’m a trail caretaker.  My name is [Becky].  Are you with the group renting the large cabin?  Would you like me to walk him back?”  “That would be great!  How long will it take?”  “10-15 minutes.”

We ended the call and I waited.  It was a LONG 15 minutes before I heard the Mysterious’ voice coming down the trail.  I thanked [Becky] profusely and turned to my wandering Mysterious.


“I wanted to work on my Cub Scout badges.  Am I going to be grounded?”

I gave him a hug.  “No.  I’m just glad you’re safe.  But next time you want to go for a hike, remember the buddy system.  Take an adult with you, ok?”

He was reminded several times over the course of the evening about the buddy system.  I effectively beat a dead horse and I think he got the point.

I know it could have been worse.  I know he may not have had a cell phone with him, there could have been no reception.  I’m so happy he had the cell phone and there was a trail caretaker out where he was who could walk him back.  I’m so happy he was easily found because the alternative is so frightening.

As I drove away with the sun setting, I said a silent thank you prayer.  Dear God, thanks for keeping an eye on my oldest boy today.  Amen.


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