Month: July 2014

How to Limit Toxins in Any Meat

Not all of us can afford to eat organic food for every meal.  Our family is on a budget so I pick and choose the organic foods I eat.  Here’s a link to a list of the Dirty Dozen (what to eat only if organic) […]

7 Reasons You Need to be Foraging

When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do in summer was pick blackberries.  They grew wild along fence lines at every home we lived in.  It was a coveted treat that only summer could deliver to my back yard.  But berries […]

10 Amazing Recycled Crafts for the 4th of July

This spring has been so hectic for me that all I’ve had the time to do is browse Pinterest on my smartphone and pin like a mad woman.  My own creative ideas have fallen by the wayside.  But I won’t let that stand in my way for a creative and fun 4th of July!  Here’s a round up of 10 of my favorite recycled 4th of July inspired crafts. Enjoy!

 july4 recycled crafts

Motherhood on a Dime: Red, White, and Blue Container Craft-This super-simple craft is great for kids (and adults, too). Right now our kiddos are growing lettuce in undecorated containers just like these.

Petals to Picots: Plarn Placemats and Coasters Crochet Pattern-Plarn is yarn made from plastic bags.  I can make plarn but I suck at could use some practice crocheting. But being able to master this craft is well worth the practice.

Creative Green Living: How to Make Patriotic Recycled Tin Can Wind Chimes-This craft is simple, recycled, and colorful. And it will have all your friends asking what store you got that great wind chime from. Don’t worry it will be our little secret!

Blissful Roots: Patriotic Tin Cans {Utensil Caddy}-Are you having a 4th of July BBQ? If so, add some patriotic punch with these great utensil caddies!

The V Spot: Upcycled Patriotic Jars-I can’t think of a better way to use these patriotic jars than filling them with wildflowers and adding a bit of outside to your inside!

Lia Griffith: Handmade Windsocks-I can just imagine my kids running around the back yard trailing these windsocks on sticks behind them!

By Stephanie Lynn: Tin Can Flag Windsock-I want this hanging from my maple tree… now! I can’t imagine a cuter windsock to hang outside for the 4th!

Fantastic Fun and Learning: Easy Jar Candle Craft-This is such a great idea for kids. Hand your kiddos some glue and some sequins and see what happens! (Just remember to cover any vulnerable surfaces.)

One Krieger Chick: Red, White, and Blue, Dip Dyed Scarf from a T-Shirt-Are you going out for some 4th of July festivities this year? Make one of these super-cute dip dyed scarves and look great for a 4th of July to remember.

Gina’s Craft Corner: Upcycled Patriotic Clutch Made from Fused Plastic Bags-I am seriously jealous of this chick’s ability to fuse plastic bags! The first time I tried fusing plastic bags it ended poorly. But I’d give it another try to make one of these ah-mazing clutches!

Which one would you make?

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