My Favorite Fast, Simple, Gluten-Free Breakfast

I hate eating breakfast.  There’s too much going on in the mornings to even think about breakfast for myself. Getting Adventure and Mysterious off to school on time is like herding cats.  When they finally get to school I feed my little Finale.  By then I’m so used to going that I start doing dishes and start a load of laundry, I blink, it’s 10:30, the breakfast window has closed, and I don’t feel so good. Can you relate?

simple gf breakfast

I found out if I squeeze a quick, nourishing breakfast in at the same time I feed my Finale I feel a lot better. But it has to be something gluten-free (I feel drained after I eat anything with wheat), quick, and easy.  My go-to simple breakfast starts with yogurt.  I am madly in love with lime Greek yogurt right now.  It doesn’t matter what brand.


Then I add a fruit.  Just about anything works.  Strawberries are my favorite with lime yogurt but you can add peaches, pineapple, apples, kiwi, banana, or any kind of berry.  The possibilities are limitless!

yogurt strawberries

For the end I add a cereal. Toasted rice cereal is my favorite but I’ve been known to add other things, too: Chex, flax seeds, sunflower seeds (minus the shells), or toasted oatmeal.

Yogurt Strawberries Cereal

Of course I wash it down with coffee, because I’m just a little obsessed with coffee. : )

What would you put in the bowl?




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