How to Organize Your Seed Storage

Organization has always been a struggle for me. If I can just toss something in a container haphazardly and put it away, then that’s what I do. And that is exactly what I’ve been doing with my seeds for the past few years.  All of my leftovers stay in their original seed packages, I fold them over, and stick them in a gallon sized Ziploc bag.  Only, that kind of seed storage hasn’t worked so well.  Some of the seed packages don’t want to stay folded and others tip over and the seeds spill out.  Also, there’s no way for me to know what all I have without taking everything out of the bag laying them all out (I have a lot of different seeds in my collection.).  This year I got smart about it.  I grabbed an old coupon organizer, labeled it for my seeds, and got organizing!

Seed Storage 3

First I sorted my seeds into piles and grouped them together to fit in all the pockets.  You can label yours with whatever seeds you may have on hand. This is how I labeled mine: Tomatoes/Peppers, Herbs/Spices, Lettuce/Cabbage/Greens, Squash/Cukes/Melons, Corn/Beans, Root Veg, Fruit/Flowers

Seed Storage 2

But there were still loose seeds at the bottom of the bag. So I labeled some envelopes, put the seeds in, folded them in half and added them to my seed organizer.  Thank goodness they were easy to ID (dill and bell pepper).

Seed Storage


Now all of my seeds are organized and ready to plant and share (and I can store them on my bookshelf)!

Seed Storage 1


Do you garden? How do you organize your seeds?


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