How to Plan Your Own Seed Exchange

Earlier this week I showed you How to Find a Seed Exchange in your area.  Seed exchanges are a fun, easy, and free way to diversify your seed collection and ensure the older seeds you have get planted.  But what if you cannot find a seed exchange in your area? Chances are, other people would be interested in participating in a seed exchange, too. 

plan your own seed exchange

Here are some steps you can take to organize your own, successful seed exchange:

  1. Make sure you plan your seed exchange at least one month out.
  2. Find a venue: Your local library is a great place to hold a seed exchange. It’s free, central location.
  3. Advertise!
    • Hang flyers in the local library, at the post office, and on community boards in grocery stores and coffee shops.
    • See if the local paper will list your event for free in the weekly events listing.
    • Contact the local cooperative extension office and let them know about the exchange.
    • Create an event on Facebook. Invite family and friends who might want to come.
  4. Plan on people coming without containers for their seeds. Bring a box of Ziploc bags or small envelopes.
  5. On the day of the exchange arrange a couple of tables with signs. You can either organize the seeds by type (cukes, tomatoes, herbs, melons, etc.) or alphabetically.
  6. As people arrive, encourage them to leave their seeds on the tables.
  7. Don’t let people start grabbing seeds, yet. To give everyone a fair chance to see all the seeds available, have everyone start at the same time after the seeds are arranged.

seed tables

Don’t be discouraged if only a couple of people show.  I did this for a couple of years and only had a handful of participants but we all still benefited.  It was fun, we got to talk gardening and exchange tips. 

Happy growing!!!


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