It’s the Best Time of Year to Find Wild Blackberries

find wild blackberries

All along the East Coast of the United States something remarkable is happening.  From mid-May to the beginning of June white flowers pop up along fence lines and along edges of wooded areas.  They are a gleaming marker of one of my favorite parts of summer… wild blackberries.  Spotting blackberry blooms is the best way of scouting out where you can pick berries once they ripen in mid-July. 

Make a list however you remember best: Take pictures with your phone, mark spots on GPS, make a list, take a video, or maybe you’ll find some outside your own back door!

The white blooms have 5 white petals and a juvenile blackberry in the center.  The brambles, themselves, grow jagged leaves in sets of 3.  

Blackberry Flowers

Spotting blackberry blossoms is easy to do.  The white flowers stand out against their dark green background.  It’s so easy, you can spot outcrops of blackberries as you drive around like I did in the video below.


Return to the places you spotted the berry plants from mid-July through mid-August to pick blackberries! Please remember not to trespass when picking berries – make sure you have permission to pick! 

Blackberry Brambles 2

Also, it’s helpful to wear long sleeves and pants to protect against the bramble thorns.  I wear insect repellent, too. I’m not a fan of ticks or bug bites, in general.

Blackberry Brambles

Lots of animals enjoy blackberries, too (mice, snakes, rabbits, ground hogs, and deer). So keep your eyes open while you’re out picking. You never know who you might bump into. 


What is your favorite summer fruit? Have you ever gone berry picking and run into the local wildlife? Tell me all about it in the comments.


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