A Unique, Sustainable Father’s Day Gift {and giveaway}

**Disclosure: I received a Jord watch to review and keep. The opinions (and photos) in the post, below, are my own.

I struggle every year with what to get my husband for Father’s Day. Usually, I end up having the kids help me make him something fun and wearable. Sometimes I also get him some of his favorite candy (Reese’s Cups) or a good graphic novel. But I don’t usually put all the thought into it that I should. I know love isn’t about giving things, but I want something that’s going to show him that I thought about him.

daddy's girl

This year, it is especially important to me that he feels loved and acknowledged. I have been a stay at home mom for 4 years. I worked side jobs and wrote here at The Creative Recycler, but my husband was the true bread winner. Two months ago all that changed. The company he worked for automated some jobs, laid off a bunch of employees, and moved him to an area 1 ½ hours away from our home. His commute time would have been leave for work at 4am and leave for home at 8pm, 6 days per week. He and I both knew that wasn’t doable for both him and our family. So we switched! He stayed home and I went to work. I was worried about him but he has been amazing. He cooks, he bakes, he homeschools our daughter, and he does all the cleaning and laundry… and he loves it. I feel so lucky to have him and that he is thriving at home.

The two boys

I felt he needed something to commemorate this new direction in our lives. This is where Jord fits in. They contacted me several weeks ago to review a watch for my husband and tell you, dear readers, about a $75 voucher giveaway towards your own Jord watch.

Here is the watch they sent. My husband loves it. And I love that he has a long lasting, durable, timepiece that he loves to wear.

jord watch

Let me tell you why my husband and I love his Jord’s watch:

  • They have a profile and sustainability rating for each wood they use in their watches so you can pick a wood that you’re comfortable with and looks amazing– Click here to see Ebony’s profile.
  • Jord uses sapphire glass in watch faces, it’s very tough stuff. It’s highly resistant to scratches and breaks. If you have kids, or happen to be klutzy like me, you understand how wonderful that is!
  • My husband loves the way it feels. It doesn’t get hot when he wears it outside and it doesn’t pinch.
  • I like the way it looks on him ; )
  • It comes in its own wooden box with everything you need to maintain and store your watch.
  • Jord has a one-year warrantee on all their watches. If it should happen to break after that, then send it back and (for a small fee) they will repair it. I love it when a company stands behind its product and will repair it! Keep those watches out of the landfills, people!

jord pocket photo

Make sure you get the chance to win a $75 voucher towards your own Jord watch! Head over here to enter the giveaway! As a bonus, everyone who didn’t win will still get a $20 voucher to get your own Jord watch. Oh, and just to let you know – they have women’s watches, too. I’m particularly fond of the Sidney Series in Maple and Rose Gold.

jord on box

Just for fun, head over to Jord’s website and tell me (in the comments) what your dream watch would be!

JORD Wooden Watches

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