First Day of School 2011

I saw The Mysterious to the bus this morning for his first day of 3rd grade.  I told him I’d upload the pictures so he’d get to see them if he checks MyselfBetter at school. Have a great day today, … Continue reading

Proud of My Kiddos

We’re having our final yard sale of the season this weekend.  Yard sales are a way we both pare down our possessions and make a bit of extra cash every summer.  Our family tries for at least 3 every summer.  The leftovers … Continue reading

Well… Poop!

Literally. NOTE: For those of you who have sensitive stomachs… don’t read any further.  You can see what today’s topic is in the title. 7:45am I am awakened to my daughter, The Adventure, saying “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy.”  This isn’t … Continue reading

The Compromise

Lately, my darling daughter, the Adventure, has taken to two annoying little habits: Playing in both her drink and other people’s drinks. Refusing to eat her applesauce on her own… ie “Feed me mom!”  By the way, this ONLY happens … Continue reading

The Meltdown

Today was… exhausting. I remember having days like this as a child.  I used to tell my mother that my mouth and body were doing one thing while my mind was saying another thing, all together.  There was a total … Continue reading