A Day in the Life: January 18, 2015

For the past 4 years my friend Rebekah at SimplyRebekah.com hosts my favorite link up all year: A Day in the Life.  The premise is simple, take a photo an hour every day.  By the end of the day you … Continue reading

Feeling Optimistic for 2015

I’m a superstitious person.  It drives my husband crazy.  But I feel like there’s a pattern to life and superstitions help me connect with that pattern.  One of my long held beliefs is what you’re doing on New Year’s Eve … Continue reading

What’s in a baby’s name?

One of the hardest things a parent can do is choose a name for their child.  Let’s put it this way… my first name is Dorothy and my maiden name is Butler.  I was dubbed Dorky Butt-licker in elementary school. … Continue reading

Pity: Party of One

I’m throwing myself a party today… a pity party. A couple of weeks ago I went for blood work and a MRI because my knee pain never resolved itself after the lateral release surgery I had a year ago. That would be … Continue reading

First Day of School 2011

I saw The Mysterious to the bus this morning for his first day of 3rd grade.  I told him I’d upload the pictures so he’d get to see them if he checks MyselfBetter at school. Have a great day today, … Continue reading

Shout Out to My Old Man

Happy Anniversary, hun! It’s official we’ve been married for… … … … … That’s right… count ’em.  4 Years!  I know a lot of you reading this may be thinking, BIG DEAL! 4 years may not be a long time … Continue reading