Leftover Salad

I love recipes that begin as leftovers. The average person wastes 244 pounds of food each year—roughly the same weight as a refrigerator!  Let that sink in… 244!  As a person who hates to waste, I use most of my … Continue reading

How to Refill and Reuse Mylar Balloons

A couple weeks ago our family celebrated a weekend of milestones. Our last child, The Finale, took his first steps on Friday.  He stood up, took three steps, did a little dance to the music on Just Dance 4 that … Continue reading

6 Simple Steps to a Clean and Long-Lasting Bra

The average bra should last you about 6 months as long as you don’t gain or lose weight.  I’ve had my last set of bras for a little longer than a year and a half and they’ll probably hold up … Continue reading

Make your mouthwash (bottle) last longer.

Want to make sure your kids don’t make a mess using their mouthwash AND save as much money as possible, too? Let me frame that.  My son uses ACT for kids mouthwash.  Their bottles feature a lovely squeeze top that … Continue reading