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7 things you need to know before shopping for a maternity bra.

7 things you need to know before shopping for a maternity bra.

Does bra shopping rank in your top 10 things you do for fun?

I’d guess that 99.9% of you would answer an emphatic “NO” to that question.

If shopping for a bra isn’t your idea of fun on a normal day, then imagine how much more fun it is while your pregnant.  (Do you detect a note of sarcasm?)

Here’s a concise guide to help get you to your right fit.

7) Every successful bra starts with a great fitting.  If you think you’re wearing the right size, get fitted anyway.  Remember 85% of women are NOT wearing the right size bra.  And any change in weight, up or down 5 pounds, can make a difference.  Click here to find out how to do it yourself or visit a store that specializes in fittings.  Any HanesBrands, Nordstrom, or Trousseau store should have a qualified bra fitter on staff.

6) Every store and every brand’s products fit differently.  Do not be discouraged if you can’t find the right fit at the first store you visit.  Remember, the size you were measured is a guideline.  You may need to move up or down in your band or cup size depending on the style of the bra you’re trying on.

5) There are 3 styles of bra to avoid if you’re planning on breastfeeding.

1 – Minimizers: These bras compress your breasts to make your bust line look smaller.  Click here for examples of minimizers from Hanes.

2 – Push-up bras: These bras not only add size to your breasts but they push them up into a more unnatural position.  Click here for examples of push-up bras from Victoria’s Secret.

3 – Sports bras: These bras compress your breasts for minimal movement during sports or exercise.  These are fine to use when you’re exercising during pregnancy but avoid wearing them all the time.  Click here for examples of sports bras from Champion.

4) You don’t have to avoid underwire during your pregnancy.  If you’ve been fine wearing an underwire up until this point, you may still be able to wear one throughout your pregnancy.  Avoid bras with low-laying wires or with material below the underwire like the Flower Bali bra below.

3) When shopping for a wire-free bra to wear during the day find something with molded cups (cups that have a light foam lining without adding size) or with a band under the cups that doesn’t stretch.  Here are my 4 personal favorites.


1) Bali Passion for Comfort Natural Uplift Wire-free

2) Bali Downtime Cottony Wire-free

3) Bali Passion for Comfort Shaping Wire-free

4) Barely There Invisible Look Soft Cup Wire-free with adjustable straps

2) If you’ve never slept in a bra before, now is the time when you might want to consider it.  Make sure it’s comfortable, breathable, and wire-free.  It can even be a pull-over bra or bralette like the Barely There Breathe.

1) There is no such thing as a maternity bra. Don’t spend more money just because the tag labels it as a maternity bra. The manufacturer might as well name the bra “comfortable bra” because that’s all a maternity bra really is. It’s a bra that is comfortable and moves with your expanding belly and breasts.  Remember, whether a bra says maternity, wire-free, or support, what matters most is that you’re comfortable in it.

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