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A Unique, Sustainable Father’s Day Gift {and giveaway}

**Disclosure: I received a Jord watch to review and keep. The opinions (and photos) in the post, below, are my own. I struggle every year with what to get my husband for Father’s Day. Usually, I end up having the kids help me make him […]

3 Ways to Get Cash from an Unwanted Gift Card

This Christmas my husband and I were blessed with several gift cards from his employer as a Christmas gift: $100 in gift cards to restaurants and $250 to Marriot.  We have 3 kids and have a hard time getting away overnight so we knew we […]

6 Ways to Make Every Day More Like Valentine’s Day

6 ways v dayValentine’s Day is tomorrow.  It’s a great excuse to get out of the house and have a date night or stay in and be romantic.  But if Valentine’s Day tends to come with high expectations or if it’s one of the only days each year you heap your partner in affection, maybe you should rethink how you show your love the rest of the year.  No relationship is easy, it takes work.  So when you feel like showing the person you love how much you care for them, try picking one of the simple acts of love from the list below.

1. Give small surprises: We’re a family on a budget. Because of that I don’t usually keep fun treats stocked in the pantry.  Every now and then (usually when they’re on sale) I like to buy my husband and kids their favorites.  It’s always an unexpected surprise and always makes a big impact.

2. Give thanks: As children, we’re taught to say please and thank you.  So, why, after years of marriage do we forget to do that?  I’m so guilty of this.  Remember to say please and thank you to your partner.  A little appreciation goes a long way (and if you have children, they tend to pick up on that, too).

3. Give in: Though my husband and I are parents, we have lives outside of our children.  It’s so amazing when my husband says “Go ahead and work on your blog or read your book. I’ve got the kids.”  Likewise, he loves it when he gets to unexpectedly play his video games while I’m wrangling the kids.

4. Share the load: Taking care of children, a home, the yard work, and finances is a huge job.  No one should have to shoulder all of those responsibilities alone.

5. Be passionate: Remember that first kiss when you guys were dating? Want to relive that moment? Grab your partner when they least expect it and kiss them like you mean it… like no one is watching.  So we don’t get an “ewww” from our tween, I like to ask my husband if he can come look at something or have a chat with me in another room, then I surprise him!

6. Be silly together:  Silliness and laughter are at the root of my marriage.  In my vows I wrote that my husband acts like an idiot and I hope he never changes because it makes me laugh.  I’ve gotta have a man that makes me laugh!  But I like to have fun, too.  Here’s a prime example of how my husband and I don’t take ourselves too seriously.  Over the years during photo ops we pose in the American Gothic pose… usually it’s all we can do to keep from busting out laughing.  This year, we took one at my 32nd birthday party.

American Gothic Birthday 2014


I hope everyone feels love and shares love this Valentine’s Day!

love DB

DIY: Father’s Day Handprint T-Shirt

(This post was originally published on June 14, 2012) Every year for Father’s Day, I help the kids make a hand print craft… something that marks the passage of time and shows us how small they were and how big they’ve become.  One of my favorite crafts […]

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