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How to Plan Your Own Seed Exchange

Earlier this week I showed you How to Find a Seed Exchange in your area.  Seed exchanges are a fun, easy, and free way to diversify your seed collection and ensure the older seeds you have get planted.  But what if you cannot find a […]

How to Organize Your Seed Storage

Organization has always been a struggle for me. If I can just toss something in a container haphazardly and put it away, then that’s what I do. And that is exactly what I’ve been doing with my seeds for the past few years.  All of […]

DIY Vintage Tray Magnet Boards

Magnet Boards Desk 2

I have a major organization issue in my home.  I get gifts and freebies from people, the items come in, I have no place for them and they never leave. Meanwhile, I boxes and bags of things that I have to sort through, many of which have sentimental value.  So many of these things I ultimately give away to thrift stores, through Freecycle, or regifting.  But I keep some. 

Magnet Trays All


My mother gave me a few beautiful jewelry dishes and vintage trays that she’s had forever. I couldn’t bear to give them up but I also had no flat surfaces to display them on.  When a family of 5 lives in a 970 square foot home there isn’t a lot of room to spare.  We put a lot of things on the walls or utilize the floor to ceiling book shelves that have made life much more organized.

Magnet Tray PatternJust look at this pattern! How could I give it away?

3 out of 4 of the trays were magnetic. That gave me an idea! I decided to organize my desk (with minimal space) by adding 3 super-cute magnetic surfaces to the doors.  All it took was Command Picture-Hanging Strips to hang up my new magnet boards.

Magnet Board Backs

Magnet Boards 3

My magnetic stapler, to do list (with fab chicken magnet), and stamps have a new home!

Now I want to add magnet boards to a couple of new places that could use some paper organization.  Good thing my local Blue Ridge Hospice Thrift Store is full of them!

Magnet Boards on Desk

Head over here for the DIY to give your magnet boards extra style with home made bottle cap magnets!

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