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How to Turn a Coffee Maker into a Fish Bowl

How to Turn a Coffee Maker into a Fish Bowl

I’m not sure if you are aware, but I love coffee. In fact, I can’t go more than a couple of hours without coffee (I’m aware of how sad that is.) So you can imagine how upset I was when my old faithful coffee pot […]

DIY Vintage Tray Magnet Boards

I have a major organization issue in my home.  I get gifts and freebies from people, the items come in, I have no place for them and they never leave. Meanwhile, I boxes and bags of things that I have to sort through, many of […]

I Gave My Son Regifted Presents for Christmas

Finale is going to be 17 months-old in time for Christmas.  Lately, he’s shown an affinity for cars or anything with wheels, which he calls “beep-beeps”.  Every chance he gets he is knocking at Mysterious’ door chanting “beep-beep, beep-beep” because he’s begging for one of the hundreds of Matchbox cars housed in Mysterious’ room.  Being the oh-so-awesome mom that I am, all I’ve been able to think up to give him for Christmas is more cars.  Ugh.  I knew I needed something more creative and insightful than little cars.

I Gave

Every year a week or so before Christmas my children are asked to go through their rooms and get rid of any unwanted items.  They have a giveaway and a throw away/recycle bag.  This week Mysterious went above and beyond by getting rid of all of his Pixar Cars toys and all of his Thomas the Tank Engine toys. But it made me sad to think of that he wouldn’t play with those anymore.  He’s a big 11 year-old guy, after all, and not a little kid anymore.

As y’all know,  I’m cheap thrifty.  I love a hot deal and I don’t mind buying used or accepting hand-me-downs.  Since Mysterious wanted to sell his Thomas, I decided to make him an offer.  He agreed to $30 for the entire bin of Thomas the Tank Engine track and cars. 



The result of this purchase: Happy Mysterious because he has more spending money and he still gets to set up track with his baby brother, happy Finale because he’ll be the proud new owner of a lot of Thomas toys, and happy mom because I’ve found a thrifty way to re-gift and reuse some wonderful toys without breaking the bank.

I hope your Christmas is green and bright!

love DB

10 Amazing Recycled Crafts for the 4th of July

This spring has been so hectic for me that all I’ve had the time to do is browse Pinterest on my smartphone and pin like a mad woman.  My own creative ideas have fallen by the wayside.  But I won’t let that stand in my […]

How to Spray Paint Snow

I love winter.  I always have.  If it’s snowing, I’m happy.  As a child I would spend the entire day outside in the snow.  I would sled, build snowmen and igloos, and spray paint the snow.  Now when my kids head out to play I […]

The Top Five Unique Ways to Recycle

It’s America Recycle’s Day!

Everyone knows about traditional recycling: You put your approved and rinsed recyclables out on the curb on trash day to be picked up or you drop them off at a local recycling center.  But there are non-traditional ways to recycle that are much more fun and rewarding!

top 5 unique ways to recycle

5. Freecycle: This wonderful organization facilitates message boards for people looking to acquire or get rid of used items and recyclables.

4. Sell your scrap metal for cash.  Items scrap metal yards accept include wire fence, copper pipe, car parts, and soda cans.  Do an internet search for a scrap metal recycler in your area to check the going rate per pound for scrap metal.

3. Terracycle: Terracycle is a website that lets you earn points by sending in your recyclables to certain brigades.  These points can be used for charitable gifts or a penny per point for the non-profit or school of your choice.  Once they receive your recyclables they are sent off to be made into fabulous new products, some of which you can purchase on their website.  There are many, many brigades such as the Cheese Packaging Brigade, the Diaper Packaging Brigade, and (so relevant after Halloween) the Candy Wrapper Brigade

2. Made something new and amazing out of it.  Check out my Recycle DIY Style Pinterest Board for ideas.

1. Reuse more and throw out less.  I hope this doesn’t seem condescending.  I know a lot of my readers are already green and maybe a little crunchy.  But this is less about using washable plates vs. paper ones and more about taking the opportunity to assess what you are throwing out.  Is there room in your life to reuse more, throw out less, and reduce your consumption of plastic?  I know there’s room in my life for improvement!

Happy Recycling!

 love DB                                                              

Upcycle Your Weekend – Bottle Cap Magnets

  Upcycle Your Weekend is all about fun, easy upcycling crafts that you and your family can make together.   Various sizes of bottle tops and caps Mod Podge Dimensional Magic 2oz Craft Glue Button Magnets Toothpick Beads – You can buy beads or you […]

Save or Recycle: Crayons

This is a Save or Recycle post. For more information, click here.  If you have children, chances are, you have crayons in your house.  I have children.  I have crayons in my house, melted in my car, outside under the deck, in the hamper, in […]

Save or Recycle?

My house if full of “treasures.”  I have “treasurers” in boxes and on shelves.  I have “treasures” in bags and under my bed.  A friend of mine recently asked me, “How do you choose which “treasures” to throw out or recycle and which to keep?”

That’s a good question!  It all depends on my storage space and how I can use it.  If I had room, I’d reuse just about everything that comes into my home.  But, I can’t keep it all in a 980 square foot home. 

Twice a month, I will be reviewing all the trash “treasures” that come into and go out of my home.  Ultimately, whether to save or recycle something is a snap judgment call and has a lot to do with what I need in my home, if I have a project lined up, or how hard that item is to come by.  With each post I will let you what I would keep and why.  I will also include some links from around the web for great projects so you can make your own decision to save or recycle your own “treasures.” If you have ideas for reusing my “treasures” please tell me about it in the comments section at the end of each post. 

Come back Monday August 12th to see what I have in store for Plastic Grocery Bags.

save or recycle


Happy Recycling!

love DB

DIY: Icing Cup Pencil Cup

Ask anyone of my friends or my husband and kids… they’ll tell you I HATE to throw things away.  I’m ok if I know it’s going to biodegrade without issue but I know most plastics won’t.  And don’t even get me started about Styrofoam! If you’re […]

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